Floating on a sea of Rosé and Denial

There is no easy way to say it, so I’m just going to be direct, Ccelli and I are getting a divorce. We have set each other free and soon it will be final in the eyes of the law.

We have had a beautiful life over the last 13 years with a lot of ups and a lot of downs. You start to quickly learn that although love conquers all, it doesn’t necessarily sustain it all. There are no regrets, but there are a lot of tears.

Wedding Photo of Ccelli and Jodie

I loved being a wife. I was good at it. You can call me old fashioned, but I took pride in making a home and having dinner on the table. I was content, maybe even too content. I have to find my new self now and that is going to take some time. I’m tired, really really tired, so please be patient with me and Ccelli. We still talk all the time and laugh at our situation. “Who would of thought?”, we say to each other when there is nothing left to say.

There is no reason to say I’m sorry either. There is nothing to be sorry about. It was a really good run. While we will still be friends for years to come, bound by two beautiful pups, we both have a lot of healing to do.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank each and every one of you who played a part in our journey. It was beautiful and I hope you always remember it that way.

Marriage is beautiful. I believe in it and although this one didn’t make it to the end, it lasted a long time and I’m proud of that. My heart hurts because of course I feel a sense of failure, but I believe in the power of what we had, because we loved … and we loved hard.

And love … well there is nothing better to experience. If you are lucky to find it more than once in a lifetime, then you are rich beyond words.

Various photos through the years.
Picture of Bancroft Street front door.

Some people may think that I’m oversharing or that there is no need to make an announcement. The truth is, this is my path to healing; part writing, part sharing, and part just venting. I don’t mind sharing my struggles because I never hesitate to share the good. I know that some people will relate and honestly what is the point of hiding it? This is life. This is my life.

Why mention it now? Well, today was hard for me. We sold our house on Durham Street and today was settlement. I loved that house. While I’m settling into my new place in Newbold, there was a definitive closure today and it hit hard.

P.S. I have a lot more to say on divorce and love. Stay tuned for all the things I already know I hate about divorce. #1: People telling me the “aren’t surprised.”

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18 responses to “Floating on a sea of Rosé and Denial”

  1. Jodie, you are a beautiful person inside and out. You have amazing strength and determination. I wish you the best as you begin this new chapter in your life. Hugs ❤️

  2. I am glad you are so open as I do believe it is part of the healing. I am so proud of you and look forward to your continued successes—#fiorenzastrong????❤️

  3. Thank you for sharing your journey. I too believe in the beauty of love and marriage however understand that love can only take you so far. I started over as well and after some time learned to enjoy the new life I’ve built. Looking forward to seeing where life takes you ❤

  4. You are such a great writer. I think you book would be a good read. My heart breaks for you and Ccelli. Love and hugs and a lot of kisses.

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