Giving thanks and onesies.


Thanksgiving day this year was interesting. I wasn’t going to be spending it with family because of the pandemic. Usually at this time of year, I would be knee deep in dry brining and trifles. This year however would be quiet. I wasn’t feeling well. My body felt off and I was overcome with an impenetrable sadness. I kept thinking about my grandmother because it was the anniversary of her passing. I cried and sipped on wine thinking about how much my life has changed. Little did I know what tomorrow would hold. I wish I could say this story […]

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The Middle and Cereal Treats

Writing isn’t magic. Although, the inspiration that motivates us to write can feel like magic. I was doing some housecleaning on the blog and found this post I started late last year but never finished. I read an article that said the first break up after a divorce is sometimes harder than the divorce itself. At the time I’m not sure if I totally believed that, but recently it has started to make more sense. One of the biggest challenges after a divorce is the feeling of rejection or abandonment. Getting into a new relationship is exciting but being rejected […]

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Resolutions and Bad Decisions

Water Lilies - Van Gogh's House

This is not that post. This isn’t the post where I rehash my accomplishments of 2019. Let’s face it, my biggest accomplishment in 2019 was not going bat shit crazy. Instead, I want to talk about resolutions. I know that there are two schools of thought on this. The first is, why wait until the new year to begin something new? Just do it now. The second is to look at the New Year’s as a time of renewal or a reset. A time to start fresh. I’ve always liked the concept of New Year’s resolutions. There is nothing wrong […]

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Babies and Puppies

At the end of every day, I tell myself that I will be fine. I know these feelings are temporary. I know that I am a very strong person. Here’s the surprise though, the bad feelings are not because of the divorce. Yes, divorce sucks, and losing your partner in any capacity is difficult, but I have come to peace with that. What I didn’t expect was all the other stuff. I wonder if it’s true that women have a biological disposition to be the caretaker? I know we hear that growing up, but I’m not a scientist, nor do […]

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Pizza and Dating

It was 2005. I was stuck in a familiar pattern that included cocktails, boredom, topped off with extreme restlessness. Living with my fabulous roommate in the city was so much fun, but on nights when we didn’t have plans, I would pace around the apartment lost in my thoughts. We lived in Queen Village, a more affluent section of Philadelphia, although we were working-class ladies. It was centralized enough that we could easily access the nightlife, and we took full advantage. We spent endless hours at Bar Noir, The Mansion, The Blue Horseshoe, and other places I can’t even remember […]

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Email and South Street

Sometimes email is not my friend. The subject line read, “Congratulations! Your divorce has been granted.” It was from my attorney informing me that the divorce decree had been approved by the courts. This is a formality, but marks the end of my marriage legally. Still in a state of shock, I called my mother first and then casually told some friends. They asked if I cried, but I didn’t cry. I started working frantically that day. Then, by night, had reverted to my teenage self, looking for a distraction in all the wrong places. When I was in High […]

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