About Jodie Riccelli

Thanks for stopping by and checking out Izzabeth.com!

I’m Jodie hailing from the great city of Philadelphia.

Pronouns: She/Her.

You may be wondering what you will find here on this blog and I don’t blame you. I started this blog many moons ago and since then it has taken many different directions. Often times I didn’t write for months but for some reason, I never wanted to stop writing altogether. To answer the question of what you will find, it will be a collection of thoughts on the things I love … and often comical stories of discovering those things.

Nothing is censored and not much is off limits. You will meet interesting characters like my big loud Italian family and my adorable rescue pups, Frankie and Arya.

My hope is that if nothing else, you will find it entertaining and want to contribute to the conversation.

Learn more about where I work, an agency called WebDevStudios at WebDevStudios.com
I really love to chat on Twitter. Follow me at @Jodie_Riccelli.
My favorite social media is Instagram stories. Follow me there at @Jodie_Riccelli.

At one time I hosted an awesome radio show called ThatMag Radio. You can check out past episodes here:

Check out Season 1 of Sisterly Disorder, an amazing web series I had the pleasure of being a part of. Produced by Luna K Productions: