I believe you should vote

I am completely pro-choice and very pro-Planned Parenthood. I believe that Americans should be allowed to bear arms but be licensed and educated on firearms. I think too many people are being killed unnecessarily.

I think college should be free and/or affordable. I don’t believe we need a wall but a better screening process could be beneficial. I love having people from all cultures and backgrounds in the US. I believe that the environment needs more help than the economy. I also believe that finding alternative energy sources could help fix the economy and provide jobs.

Marijuana should be legal, which will really help fix the economy. Get the folks who committed petty drug crimes out of jail.

All citizens over 18 should be allowed to vote, regardless of their record. I think there should be term limits on congress and there should be limits on campaign finance. We should ALL have access to health care.

I think Veterans should be honored and always taken care of by all citizens. I think that Isis is not a direct threat and that we should focus on threats that exist more predominantly on our soil, like mental health.

You should be allowed to marry who you want, love who you want, do what you want with your body, and believe what you want. I don’t believe that anyone else has the right to do what they want with your body.

I believe that religion has zero place in the government. I’m ok with paying fair taxes if they are being used for the right things.

I strongly believe we need to fix our school systems and pay teachers more. I’m not convinced that lack of jobs is the problem but perhaps it is the lack of training and education for the jobs that are available. I want to see more arts, music, STEM, and physical education incorporated into everyone’s daily life.

I believe that most politicians are liars but some also care in the best way they know how. I think you should have had to serve in office or the military to be President.

To be clear, it doesn’t mean I’m right about any of this, it’s just what I believe right now. My opinions may change as I get more info. I think we all need to accept that opinions change.

America was started by immigrants. America became an innovator because it was a melting pot of ideas and minds.

Please speak your mind. Please respect different opinions. You can have intelligent conversations without it getting nasty. Please educate yourself and get involved … but most of all please vote.

I vote love above all things because all this hate is getting us nowhere.

  • Find your polling place here.
  • There is more than the Presidential office that we need to be concerned about. Research everything on the ballot find more information here.
  • Know your voting rights.
  • Can you take a selfie in the voting booth?
  • If the Septa strike is still happening, find a ride!
  • It’s all happening, Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

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