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  • College Friends

    College Friends

    A love letter to my College Friends. My introduction to college life did not go smoothly. I had a scholarship and a real taste of freedom. Unfortunately, they don’t always go together. Writing this blog was the hardest one for me. I loved so much about college yet have so few true memories from those days. However, I do know the people I met shaped me, inspired me, educated me, and I will love them forever.

  • High School Friends

    High School Friends

    It was you who pushed me out of my comfort zone. Eagerly I went from a broken pre-teen to a hopeful pre-adult. I’m sorry I spent so much time trying to rush high school. I wish I would have savored more moments because you all turned out to be such amazing people. It would be nice to have more memories. The memories I do have, I treasure. Right now I would give anything for a 3rd Base hoagie and one more climb up the rocks at Altmiller.

  • Middle School Friends

    Middle School Friends

    Most of you I’m proud to say I’m still friends with today. The transition from an awkward adolescent to a hyper teen was made possible because of you. There isn’t a day that passes where I don’t think of you. You taught me what it felt like to be included. During this time, I left the guarded gates of Catholic School and ventured into the scary unknown of public education. I wasn’t the only one. There were quite a few of us who were making the middle school jump to the brave new world of regular clothes and secular teachers. Gone were the Friday masses, Holy Days of obligation, and small class sizes.

  • Elementary School Friends

    Elementary School Friends

    I didn’t want to go to school. Even though kindergarten was only a half day, I didn’t want to leave home. My grandmom had to hold my hand the whole way to school while I cried. The walk to school in the morning always seemed so long even though it was only 2 blocks away. I didn’t like myself then. I was awkward and shy. I didn’t really know how to play with others yet. What I didn’t realize is that you didn’t either. We were all scared.