Mount Hood - Portland

PORTLAND I LOVE YOU. Dave and I met when we were 14 years old. We completely disagree about what he was wearing the first time we spoke in 10th grade. I swear it was blue pants and a Hawaiian shirt. It was 1991’ish so it would make sense based on fashion trends of that time, but he claims he didn’t own blue pants. I’ve let it go though – kinda. These days we disagree about other memories. For example, the time he almost killed us driving to Ocean City, Maryland because his sandal got caught on the brake pedal. (That happened and there were witnesses […]

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My favorite spring things

Ah Spring! A time of renewal. The time of year when we peel away the layers and expose what’s underneath. We rush to the gym, obsessively clean, and breathe the fresh air until allergies take over. The past few months have been rainy. Perhaps symbolic of washing away the old and ringing in the new. Summer is right around the corner so before it is too late I wanted to share some of my favorite finds this spring!

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Pizza Party

Ccelli and Rocco

It’s no secret that the hubs loves pizza. Not loves it like he enjoys a slice once in awhile but loves it like he would marry it if he could. Over the years, I have grown accustomed to the amount of frozen pizzas I need to keep on hand, the endless amount of mozzarella cheese purchased, and bread … so much bread. This past weekend, my nephew and his wife invited us for the day to see their new home in Delaware. Let’s start there. This house is drop dead gorgeous. It’s incredible really. I love a good high ceiling. When […]

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My favorite fall things

This is my time of year! Having grown up in the Poconos, the cold air is in my blood. From mid-October to mid-January, I shine. I like the short days, the brisk air, and more importantly the lingering holiday spirit. I’m admittedly one of those “Christmas People”. Last year, the hubs tried to surprise me by getting our Christmas tree early. I smelled the pine as soon as I walked in the building. He can’t fool me when it comes to anything Christmas. I need to have a fresh tree every year and I always feel guilty about this because […]

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It’s time again

I’ve struggled with pretty severe hypothyroidism most of my life. Energy, weight, immune system, and many more things go up and down like a roller coaster. Also, I have smoked and quit on an off for years. I go for regular blood work and take my meds every day but currently they are not really working. I’m pretty tired 🙂 However, I realized recently that the few times I was able to get it all under control it was due to drastic changes in my lifestyle and diet. I know there are tons people out there going to the same […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Every year on February 14th, the cynicism of the world is in full effect. Many people talk about the commercialism of Valentine’s day. Maybe they feel there is an obligation that goes along with the holiday. Some people are sad because they don’t have a “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”. For me, I think it’s a wonderful day. Celebrating love is precious. Yes, I believe it is something we should do everyday. However, it’s nice to focus on it even if it’s one day a year. We need the reminder. I also don’t believe that valentines day is just about romantic relationships. […]

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