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  • Cookies and Therapy

    Cookies and Therapy

    I don’t remember how it started exactly. One year I was baking Christmas cookies, and I believe our friend was in the neighborhood. He stopped over and the ex gave him some cookies hot out of the oven. Before I knew it, it was a full-blown party every year. We called it Cookie day, and […]

  • The piano in the office

    The piano in the office

    It always sat in the office. I remember a friend once saying it was like the White House growing up because every room in our house had a name. We had the office, the blue room, the nursery, the dining room, etc. But I always remember the piano being in the office. Our twin home […]

  • Dragonflies and Heartbreak

    Dragonflies and Heartbreak

    2003, it was another long year for me. I was living right outside of Philadelphia and working for Verizon. It was a terrible job that paid really well. I sold ads for the yellow pages, and during my tenure, there learned everything I loved and hated about the corporate world. I drove a Dodge Durango […]

  • Triggers and the bin

    Triggers and the bin

    And just like that, tomorrow I’ll be divorced. It’s amazing how fast the process is to close the book on a 13-year relationship. The papers will be signed tomorrow morning, the negotiations are complete, and our marriage will be officially dissolved. Although, as of tomorrow, we will no longer legally be married, I believe that […]

  • Fainting into the nativity scene

    Fainting into the nativity scene

    One time in high school, I fainted coming out of the shower. I was a known fainter in my youth, especially in church. In fact, there was one Christmas morning while doing the readings at mass with my Grandmother, that I fell right over into the nativity scene. Our priest didn’t miss a beat, but […]

  • 24 Hours on Tinder

    24 Hours on Tinder

    Shall we lighten it up a bit? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked if I’m going to start dating again. The answer for right now is “no”, and I suspect that will remain the answer for a while. Having said that, I’m not immune to the desire of human interaction in […]