Adopt some puppy love

Frankie Snuggle

I Want a Puppy! For years, I have been asking for a puppy. Like an annoying child, I would bring getting a dog up in any conversation I could. The hubs would say things like “Does this sweater match my jacket?” My response would be, “Kind of but you know what would really match that jacket? A puppy.” We did this dance for a very long time. Then magic happened and I was lucky to secure a new job which allowed me to work from home. We decided it was time. I was naive. I thought I would do a […]

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Jiggle It Lady Gaga

Lady GaGa I woke up early this morning to find the beautiful white stuff falling from the sky. I made some coffee, snuggled up with the pup, and stared out the window enjoying the tranquility. As I do every morning, I grabbed my phone and started to browse the headlines. I came across this powerful video of Lady Gaga: It is everything. She explained this so eloquently. Evil is an invisible snake and we are feeding it in more ways than we know. I then decided to go back and watch her Superbowl half time performance because I didn’t really […]

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Disney World for Adults

When the reality sets in that you are about to hit a new decade, there are many emotions that you experience. I was certain that celebrating my big 4-0 was going to be on my terms. I wanted to play and feel like a child. I mentioned that I wanted to go to Universal Studios to experience the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the hubs surprised me with a week’s vacation in Orlando. Not only did we get to celebrate my birthday but we also got to celebrate our 2nd anniversary! I hadn’t been to Disney since my Up […]

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My favorite summer things 2016

Key West with Gina and Phoebe

Boy am I late on this 🙂 Officially fall started on September 22nd but Winter does not officially start until December 21st so I’m in the “safe zone”. Better late than never right? As you may have read in my #EatPrayDrinkTour posts, this was an action packed summer. That doesn’t mean I didn’t have a chance to write down some of my new discoveries, things that helped make this summer so special! La Colombe Draft Latte. My love for coffee runs deep. I discovered Draft Latte’s at La Colombe some time ago but this summer I found the canned version […]

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Spread the positive vibes

2009 was no party. 2009 was a rough year. I’m not sure If I can even remember all the happened at this point but for me and the hubs, we hit all of the bumps in the road. Actually, they were more like mountains. It was a hard year and one I would rather not go through again. I handled it like a champ. I would get up every day, survive on a liquid diet of coffee, water, and vodka and then run away from everything for as long as I could. The hubs, on the other hand, he wrote […]

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WebDevStudios and Me

Winter is coming. Upon returning from my summer hiatus, I excitedly accepted a position in the beginning of September as a Client Strategist at WebDevStudios. That is correct, I am back to work folks. Taking the summer off to think about my future path was the best thing I could have done for myself. Exploring the country and doing some soul searching helped me accept the position with a clear mind and happy heart. Anytime you start a new position there is an adjustment period, especially at 40. Being the new person is awkward. It is the equivalent of being […]

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