Vodka … Are You There? It’s Me Jodie …

Clearly the post title is taken from Chelsey Handler’s book “Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea” … it just makes me laugh.

But down to serious business. Vodka! This is no joking matter.

Vodka is beautiful, wonderful thing … a gift if you will. Over the recent years due to brilliant marketing by Diddy, Ciroc has taken center stage in the Vodka market. There is nothing wrong with that but I feel like people are being slightly deceived and I am here to clear it up!

According to Wikipedia: The name “vodka” is a diminutive form of the Slavic word voda (water), interpreted as little water: root ???- (vod-) [water].
This is very important … water … its a derivative of water. What does water taste like?

I’ll wait …

Nothing … it tastes like nothing.

A well distilled vodka containing no flavors should taste like nothing … just like pure air. It may have an after taste depending on what it is distilled from. Most quality vodkas are distilled from grains .. some from potatoes. A good vodka simply emphasizes the flavors that are mixed with it. For instance Orange juice will never taste as good as it does when in a screwdriver. It’s a little piece of heaven.

That burny feeling or alcohol taste is from cheap vodka … quality vodka will leave you in bliss. And many of you know the difference between a morning after drinking well vodka as opposed to Grey Goose … they are very different mornings.

I personally am not a huge Ciroc fan … I can appreciate it but it’s certainly not my go-to Vodka. Ccelli on the other hand loves it along with many other people. FYI – Ccelli’s birthday is the 18th. Buy him Ciroc if you are buying him a drink. Please no Henny … some of you remember why. That was a long night.

So what makes Ciroc different from other Vodkas? Very simply put, it’s distilled from grapes as opposed to grains. Although its not “aged” like a wine … so therefore, it becomes Vodka. The grapes give Ciroc a distinct taste. As I mentioned before, I’m old school, I like my Vodka to taste like air and if it were up to me Ciroc would not be classified a Vodka but who am I?

Flavored Vodkas are not a new trend either. For years people have been adding flavoring to home made vodkas to make the taste a bit easier to handle. Similar to bathtub gin back in the days of prohibition. That was a nightmare. I can’t imagine mixing liquor in your tub and then flavoring it with everything in your kitchen just to have a cocktail.

I’m ok with flavored Vodkas … at least they are being honest about them. It’s Vodka with flavors. I can deal with that.

If I’m out at a bar … I prefer Belvedere to other Vodkas. Grey Goose would be my second choice I suppose. Another Vodka I recommend trying is Rain Vodka. It’s made from organic white corn and distilled four times to become as clear as possible.

I used to drink Vodka Gimlets, straight Vodka with a twist of fresh lime juice. I love a really good dry martini with great olives. But usually when I’m out I’ll stick with a Vodka and some type of juice mixture. Orange Vodka and club soda is also a good choice.

I recognize this post makes me sound a little bit like an alcoholic but the truth is I just appreciate quality wine and spirits. If you have $100 bottle of Vodka you are not drinking it to get drunk … you are drinking it as an appreciation. Everything in moderation. Drink responsibly and I promise you’ll feel better about your life. If you find that hard to believe just watch one episode of Jersey Shore to see the effects of alcohol.


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