The secret ingredient is …

I adore IRON CHEF! Such a great show. The things that happen in Kitchen Stadium are sometimes culinary miracles. When Philadelphia Restauranter Jose Garces became one of the Iron Chef’s it was thrilling for me. After all he is one of my philly fav’s.

Have you had the fries at Village Whiskey yet? They are unreal!

Garces Restaurant Group includes: Amada, Distrito, Tinto, Chifa, Village Whiskey, Garces Trading Co., JG Domestic, and then one in Chicago called Mercat. Every restaurant in that list (can’t speak for Mercat) is outstanding. Ive had by ups and downs with Amada but I’m going to chalk that up to some off nights. When Village Whisky opened it quickly became one of my go to spots in Philadelphia.

Then I get this email … this Sunday on Iron Chef America … Garces vs. Solomonov!

Its like the Superbowl of Philly Chefs! A hometown battle that will delight and excite all that tune in!

Chef Michael Solomonov is the owner and chef of Zahav, Xochitl and Percy Street Barbecue. I have been raving about Zahav since I went there last year. Truly one of the best meals I have ever had in Philadelphia. I haven’t been to his other two establishments but Im hoping to make a trip soon.

In conclusion Sunday night I will be in front of the TV … waiting for that all important moment when they reveal the secret ingredient. Rooting for both Chefs and they prepare their dishes. I have such high regard for both … and follow them so closely … I feel like I know both of them already. Im terribly excited for sunday 🙂

Are you going to tune in?

Jan. 30 at 10 p.m.
Food Network‘s Iron Chef America

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