My favorite fall things

This is my time of year! Having grown up in the Poconos, the cold air is in my blood. From mid-October to mid-January, I shine. I like the short days, the brisk air, and more importantly the lingering holiday spirit. I’m admittedly one of those “Christmas People”. Last year, the hubs tried to surprise me by getting our Christmas tree early. I smelled the pine as soon as I walked in the building. He can’t fool me when it comes to anything Christmas. I need to have a fresh tree every year and I always feel guilty about this because I shouldn’t be cutting down a tree. (If someone in Philly would start renting potted trees, that would be really great *hint hint*.) My mother will tell you stories of me crying as a child because I couldn’t sleep with the Christmas tree during the holiday season and that hasn’t changed. Every year I have to watch “Meet me in St. Louis” and drift off to sleep in the twinkle of the Christmas tree lights. I can do that now because I’m an adult 🙂

Since I’m already in the holiday spirit, I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you some of my favorite discoveries so far this season.

  1. My new luxurious blankie. You are never too old to say blankie. I will be 80 and still calling it a blankie. This one is special. This throw blanket was hand selected by the hubs at Century 21 on Market Street in Philly. This creamy white big chunky knit blanket is like laying on a bed of freshly fallen snow. I hate the tags on clothing and home goods so I cut them off immediately. Now I have no idea who is responsible for this glorious throw blanket. Sorry blanket maker!

    Living room sofa with blanket.
    Living room sofa with cream blankie.
  2. Bomberger’s whiskey. This was given as a gift to Ccelli. Batch 1 – Bottle 164 American whiskey that will never be made again. It doesn’t need to be mixed with anything but love. This is meant to sipped out of your best glencairn glass while enjoying a fire on a chilly fall night.

    Bottle of Bomberger's Whiskey
    Our precious bottle of whiskey.
  3. Dried figs from DiBruno Brothers. How did I get through life not knowing about these delicious treats? These figs are crunchy, naturally sweet, little nuggets of happiness. Fairly inexpensive, I have found them to be a great after dinner treat that satisfies the sweet craving and yet is wholesome while reminding me of my Italian roots.
  4. Library of Flowers Arboretum Parfum Crema. This was given to me by a client. Every time I saw her, I would compliment her on how good she smelled. I needed to know what it was! Instead of telling me, she kindly brought this to my office. It now sits right on my desk. It is packaged in a beautiful tin and smells like a fresh flowered morning. It is also happens to be moisturizing and the scent lingers with you in a beautiful way.
  5. Wooden cutting board. I stumbled upon this LÄMPLIG chopping board on a recent Ikea trip. I liked how big it was and I also enjoyed the lip hanging over the side. When we got it home, I promptly treated it with oil on both sides and let it sit for 24 hours to season. We used it in a Ccelcuterie presentation but more on what that it is later.

    Charcuterie display
    Ccelcuterie on display.

There are so many things that I love this season but I hope this gives you a taste! What has been your favorite fall find so far? Tell me in the comments below!

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