Capture the moment

This is a high stress world. I’m often zipping about the city and never really taking the opportunity to appreciate the wonder it has to offer. Now the hubs on the other hand, he has an innate ability to appreciate all thing big or small.

I’m not exactly sure when it started, but he discovered he liked taking pictures. At first, he would just post them on social media for fun. Sometime over this the summer while on tour in Europe, his pictures started taking on a life of their own. Eagerly each day I would wait to see the ones he chose to post of his journey. They were bright and beautiful. Many of them were pictures of the sky. Some were photos of the crew on tour. I started to notice that each picture was unique and captured something very special and I wasn’t the only one who noticed. His followers sky rocketed on Instagram and Twitter.

When he returned, he explained to me he was “capturing the moment“. He told me that sometimes you see something so special you have to stop and appreciate it fully. He took pictures of the sky a lot because he found that it connected him to these moments in a special way. From that point forward I started to notice these moments more but I also noticed how Ccelli responded to them. He genuinely sees the beauty in the world and wants everyone around him to feel what he feels.

I love his pictures. They remind me how special he is and how much he appreciates nature. My challenge to you is to capture the moments just like Ccelli.

Take a gander at some of my favorites. All photos by Ccelli.

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