Adult Fun with Jell-O Shots

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I’ve been making Jell-O shots for years. They are easy to make, deliver the right buzz, and don’t give you that bloated feeling. So after years of dixie cups and seeing all the new innovative “delivery systems”—heck one is even called suck and blow—I thought I’d look for a more adult solution and integrate them back into my party life. Granted this means I’m now old enough to entertain versus bang a few back and run for the club … although that’s fun too.

So the next time you want the fun of a Jell-O shot and want to serve them (instead of pop ’em), give this recipe a shot. Please add your variations. I first saw this done with an orange and branched out to melons and pineapples. A word to the wise—pineapples do not work. Apparently, pineapples contain a protein that breaks down the gelatin. I ended up with a nice infusion but no Jell-O.

Jell-O Preparation
One large packet (6 ounces) of Jell-O (pick flavor for color)
16 ounces boiling water
6 ounces cold water
10 ounces vodka

Simply pour Jell-O packet into large bowl and add boiling water. Once the mixture is completely dissolved, proceed with cold water and then vodka. Then I usually set it aside while I prep the fruit.

Fruit Preparation
Pick a fruit with a decent skin or rind. An orange has a supportive skin—an apple does not. Also think about the size of the fruit. A small melon is pushing it. So once you’ve chosen a suitable fruit, you will need to remove the meat or contents of the fruit. Be careful not to cut a hole straight through or you may have a leaky vessel. A little scotch tape will do if you are short on a replacement. Just make sure to remove before serving your final product.

Now that you have Jell-O mix and a gutted fruit, just fill them up. I highly recommend having them already placed in a walled dish so you don’t slosh them around. Once filled, place in the fridge for four hours. Alcohol can make the firming process of gelatin take longer. Keep this in mind if you start to up the proof of the alcohol. Here’s a table to help out if you’d like to go beyond basic vodka.

Caution—remember Jell-O hides the flavor of the alcohol. Do not assume they are light on alcohol. In fact, because the gelatin holds the alcohol versus just drinking liquid, the effect will be delayed. Even the most experienced drinkers have been caught off guard. So have fun and share your innovations.

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