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Lady GaGa

I woke up early this morning to find the beautiful white stuff falling from the sky. I made some coffee, snuggled up with the pup, and stared out the window enjoying the tranquility. As I do every morning, I grabbed my phone and started to browse the headlines. I came across this powerful video of Lady Gaga:

It is everything.

She explained this so eloquently. Evil is an invisible snake and we are feeding it in more ways than we know.

I then decided to go back and watch her Superbowl half time performance because I didn’t really pay attention the first time around. Honestly, I thought it was really good, I’m not sure if I was blown away but I love her and she can pretty much do nothing and I would applaud.

But then … then I started reading people’s reaction to it. In summary, this is what people were thinking:

1. It wasn’t political enough.
2. There were signs of the devil in her performance.
3. It was too political.
4. She played it safe.
5. She has a muffin top.

Come the f*ck on people. First of all, Lady Gaga sang “This Land is your Land” which was originally a protest song written by Woodie Guthrie who I am pretty sure was a socialist. I thought it was a very subtle way to address politics and it was beautifully done.

Second, why are people praying for everybody else’s souls after watching this?! Worry about your own soul for having time to judge a Superbowl performance. What exactly can be seen as devil worship in that performance? You know it really doesn’t matter because if you can’t enjoy art for what it is, then you should pray for your soul.

And finally, Lady Gaga had a muffin top. This is the point at which I needed to close my phone. This woman is brilliant, talented, kind-hearted, and inspirational and the judgemental idiots who could find nothing else to say about her are the reason we have chaos in this world.

Let me tell you that this is a false statement. That is not a muffin top, she is fit and beautiful but it is irrelevant. If she came out weighing 400 pounds, it still would be irrelevant. If you only focused on her body during that performance you are doing life wrong.

So what do we do? Do we remain political or silence ourselves as to not offend others? Do we not take pride in our body in an effort to not offend others?

This world is one big contradiction.

Eat what you want – Don’t put on weight.
Keep politics out of everything – You have to speak up if you want change.
Keep religion out of everything – Pray for your souls.

We can’t have it both ways. Allow people to talk, express your own opinions, and know they won’t always be the same. Respect people who love themselves and stop judging people’s flaws and start recognizing their strengths.

Most importantly, know that each and every time you judge somebody by the way they look, how they think, how they feel, how they love, how they vote; you are single handily contributing to the failure of humanity.

You are teaching future generations to hide in fear.

You are the problem, not the muffin top.

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