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2009 was no party.

2009 was a rough year. I’m not sure If I can even remember all the happened at this point but for me and the hubs, we hit all of the bumps in the road. Actually, they were more like mountains. It was a hard year and one I would rather not go through again. I handled it like a champ. I would get up every day, survive on a liquid diet of coffee, water, and vodka and then run away from everything for as long as I could. The hubs, on the other hand, he wrote and read. He kept journals and surrounded himself with Don Miguel Ruiz.

He then began to get a renewed sense of optimism and positivity. It’s not like Ccelli to keep that to himself so he began to share what he was learning on various social media channels. This is one of those situations where social media becomes a great tool to disseminate information to the masses. It was quickly noticeable that we were not the only ones who were suffering from a rough year.

The Hubs.

Messages from CcelliI look at my husband in awe sometimes. I wonder how he can be so hopeful all the time. I wonder how he wakes up each day and attacks the world knowing that somehow he is making it better. I wonder how the universe knew to match us up. I’m the anxious one, the one who wants everything perfect, the restless soul who will sink into a black hole before looking at the sun.

This never scared Ccelli. Instead,he looked at me, found the good, and became determined to pull it out of me. There were days when I actually got mad at him for this. Moments where the idea of having to walk around smiling to make him happy seemed like a sure death. The reality was that he was breaking me in the most positive way. He was forcing me to look around and see the world and all its wonder. Even to this day, I get messages like the one to the left. He is always reminding me to appreciate nature.


CcelliI wasn’t the only one he was breaking. His social media posts were blowing up like wildfire. All of sudden, he started to receive photos from all over the world. People began sending him photos of sunsets and telling him how they were so happy he told them to take a moment to enjoy nature. Then people started sending him photos of good deeds being done in their cities. It just kept going. People were really spreading his positive vibes throughout the world.

So we started a website. We are still building it but I promise it will get there. In the meantime, like the Facebook Page! SpreadThePositiveVibes is a place to collect all the stories that were being sent to him, share information, and find beauty in the world.


You can listen to Ccelli talk about the movement on 98.7 The Frequency with Jason Crane:



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