My favorite spring things

Ah Spring! A time of renewal. The time of year when we peel away the layers and expose what’s underneath. We rush to the gym, obsessively clean, and breathe the fresh air until allergies take over. The past few months have been rainy. Perhaps symbolic of washing away the old and ringing in the new. Summer is right around the corner so before it is too late I wanted to share some of my favorite finds this spring!

    1. Duross and Langel Egyptian Musk Shower Wash. When I first smelled this body wash it was intoxicating. The scent actually stuck in my head and I couldn’t shake it. I had to go back and purchase a bottle. Since that day, it’s the only shower gel I use. The steam from the shower elevates the scent just enough that I feel like an exotic princess every single morning. The scent lingers in my mind throughout the day. It makes me think of Morocco, beautiful tapestries and exotic spices. I may never use another scent.

      Me in the booth! Notice the temperature.
    2. Cryotherapy. Full disclosure, my dear friend Gina opened this spot. She told me a few months ago about the benefits of Cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is known to help with pain and inflammation. She believed in it so much that she partnered with a colleague to open the first Cryotherapy spot in Philadelphia called C.R.Y.O. Philadelphia. Once the construction was done and the machine was installed, I was fortunate enough to try it out. I have since went 4 times. The first two times I lasted 2 mins and got up to 3 on the last two sessions. I have to say it was the most invigorating thing I have ever done. The center is located in Rittenhouse at 17th and Sansom. They will make you feel very comfortable and answer all your questions about Cryo. If you are not familiar, basically you go into a booth and the temperature is lowered to nearly -240 degrees Fahrenheit. Your hands and feet are protected but the rest is free to feel the breeze. I know it sounds crazy but trust me … do it and then we will talk. They also have a room for compression therapy which apparently is great for athletes and improves circulation. Right now they are running a grand opening promotion where you can try a Whole Body Cryotherapy session for $19. I highly recommend checking it out!


    1. Newman’s Own Sour Cherry Licorice. This was one of those impulse buys located near the register at Whole Foods. I like licorice and I really love Newman’s Own’s mission, so I innocently picked up a package. Dear Lord was that a mistake! Every Whole Foods trips since I’ve needs to grab like 6. Seriously I’m addicted. Delicious soft cherry licorice lightly coated in sugar. When I open a package, it’s impossible for me stop. I will actually make them my dinner. In fact they go so quickly, I can’t even take a photo of the package.

      Jodie Anchor Sweater
      The day the sweater arrived. I was so happy.


    1. Anchor Sweater. This is a big one. I told a story on social media about how a few years ago while in Sea Side Heights I stumbled into a store and saw an ivory sweater with a navy anchor. I wanted to purchase it but I didn’t for some reason. Ever since then I have thought about this sweater. I was never able to find it again now better how hard I tried. As I was writing this story on Facebook, I decided to do one more Hail Mary google search. As it turns out a similar sweater appeared right before my eyes in the image search! It was sold at a cute little boutique in Virginia. I immediately ordered it and when it arrived I was the happiest person alive. I love this sweater as you can see from cheesy smile.


    1. Cobb Hill Sandals. Why did no one tell me about these sooner??? Cobb Hill has a collaboration with New Balance. I have this thing about walking around the city in the summer with sandals. I don’t really like wearing shoes that expose too much of my foot. There are a lot of gross things on the streets of Philly so I prefer to have shoes that don’t put me at risk of getting some kind of fluid on my foot. Cobb Hill sandals are cute but also very durable. Because of the New Balance insoles, it’s like walking on puffy clouds. My feet are so happy. I plan to buy many many more.

      Mint Chocolate, Pumpkin Spice, and Coffee Chocolate


  1. RxBar Real Food Protein Bars. My brother-in-law John told me about these. I had been eating Oh Yeah! protein bars but I found them to taste slightly artificial. While most protein bars are pretty gross, the Oh Yeah! bars were actually pretty tolerable. I wanted something a bit more natural though so I began asking people about their favorites. I ordered the variety pack at first. Truth be told they are date based bars so they all have a similar base flavor and texture. My least favorite is pumpkin spice although the white girl in me doesn’t believe I’m saying that. My favorite is probably the peanut butter. They have no more than 5 ingredients and each contains 12 grams of protein. All in all though, these are the best protein bars I have found even the hubs likes them!


I encourage you all to try some of these items. I would love to hear what you think about them. Leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments below!


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