Pizza Party

It’s no secret that the hubs loves pizza. Not loves it like he enjoys a slice once in awhile but loves it like he would marry it if he could. Over the years, I have grown accustomed to the amount of frozen pizzas I need to keep on hand, the endless amount of mozzarella cheese purchased, and bread … so much bread.

This past weekend, my nephew and his wife invited us for the day to see their new home in Delaware. Let’s start there. This house is drop dead gorgeous. It’s incredible really. I love a good high ceiling. When we arrived, we started my sipping on some Angel’s Envy and Mint Julep Maker’s Mark. That stuff is amazing. I’m a new fan of that minty concoction. I can’t find it in PA thought … yet. Prior to our trip my nephew mentioned he was considering having “make your own pizzas” for lunch. This immediately led to the hubs doing his happy dance in our living room.

So we made pizzas. Ccelli danced around the kitchen. We ate. We laughed. We loved. I highly recommend a “make your pizza menu” for you next gathering. Nothing says I love you like a 5 gallon tub of sauce and garlic. Seriously.

Rocco's Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Rocco’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Lauren's Pesto Pizza
Lauren’s Pesto Pizza
Ccelli's Pepperoni Chicken Pizza
Ccelli’s Pepperoni Chicken Pizza
Jodie's White Garlic Pizza
Jodie’s White Garlic Pizza

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