It’s time again

I’ve struggled with pretty severe hypothyroidism most of my life. Energy, weight, immune system, and many more things go up and down like a roller coaster. Also, I have smoked and quit on an off for years. I go for regular blood work and take my meds every day but currently they are not really working. I’m pretty tired 🙂

However, I realized recently that the few times I was able to get it all under control it was due to drastic changes in my lifestyle and diet. I know there are tons people out there going to the same thing. I wish it were as easy as just diet and exercise. Its not. There are so many factors that come into play when someone is dealing with a thyroid disorder. I’ve reduced chemicals in my makeup and cleaning products. We eat mostly organic. Sugar is super limited. We have air filters and buy plants that filter the air. Limit caffeine. I need to get plenty of sleep and naps are important.

A few weeks ago I started a smoking cessation program at Jefferson Hospital and tonight at midnight is my actual quit time! I’m sharing because I also need to hold myself accountable. In addition to that today begins a new diet specifically geared toward thyroid disorders.
NoSmoking My wonderful husband has always been very supportive. You may however want to wish him luck as he has to deal with me 🙂

One website I have been reading a lot is done by Mary Shomon. A thyroid disease expert.

What are you favorite resources for Hypothyroidism? Please share in the comments below.

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