Keeping Organized

Everyone has a crazy life. There is always too much to do and not enough hours in the day to do get it all done. Recently I have been thinking about ways to keep myself positive among the chaos. By the way, I’m back on the liquid velvet for 3 more days. I love it. I feel so clean and light while drinking it.

Positive thought is a powerful tool.

I had a moment this weekend when I felt so overwhelmed, I did nothing. Has that ever happened to you? When there just seems to be so many things to do that the only option is to freeze. Those are the moments that I sit there thinking about everything I should be doing. Those moments of silence and immobility are the most stressful times because my mind is filled with guilt about NOT doing the things I SHOULD be doing.

I decided I needed a plan. A plan to cleanse my home, my phone, my facebook, my computer, everything. I want to be rid of clutter and confusion. I believe that your space is reflection of you mind.

My plan is as follows:
Clean up my social networking. Clean out facebook friends, organize contacts, etc.
Go through my storage closet and throw out anything I no longer need or use.
Go through my clothes closet and do the same.
Clean out my kitchen cabinets and place all dry goods in air tight containers.
Clean out my herbs and spices. Make sure they are in air tight containers.
Organize my home office so that I can easily access things.
Clean out my desk at work.
Organize all business cards.
and finally – clean the house from top to bottom!

I need tips!!! What are your best organizing and cleaning tips?

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