My New Normal

This morning as I was drinking my delicious blueberry vanilla shake, Ccelli and I had a conversation about what I would eat after the program. Btw, I did say Blueberry!!! It’s day 23 and I can begin to slowly incorporate fruit into my diet. Those little blue nuggets of happiness were heaven this morning! In addition it’s Tuesday so I weighted myself, 20 lbs so far people. It is a glorious day!

Back to my story though …

I said to him that when I can eat “normal” again, I will probably continue to eat the way I am now because I wouldn’t want to gain any weight back. Right then and there it hit me. What I am eating now is my new “normal”. My diet has changed for life. I have adopted a different lifestyle that I can be proud of.

Hello new normal … Goodbye old ways!

Happy Tuesday!

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