Motivation and Thinspiration

One day while googling I came across a site about Thinspiration. It sounded so intriguing so I proceed to click. What I found horrified me beyond belief. It also made me incredibly sad. I try not to judge people because let’s face it, I have my issues. I wanted to look at this information objectively but truly it was a testament to the way we view beauty in the world today.

I believe that true beauty is a direct result of good health. I can’t stress that enough.

The Wikipedia definition of Thinspiration is:

Pro-ana sites often (84%, in a 2010 survey[9]) feature thinspiration (or thinspo): images or video montages of slim women, often celebrities, who may be anything from naturally slim to emaciated with visibly protruding bones.[21] Pro-ana bloggers, forum members and social networking groups likewise post thinspiration to motivate one another toward further weight loss.[7] Conversely, reverse thinspiration features fatty food, overweight or obese people intended to induce disgust.

These sites are alarming. There are tips, advice, and support groups essentially teaching people how to starve themselves. The advice ranges from ” Eat ice or gum when hungry. This will make your body think it had food without the calories.” to “If you start to feel hungry do situps or punch yourself in the stomach. You will not feel hungry anymore.”

I’m saddened that we have come this point in society. America is country of extremes. We are either fighting obesity or starving ourselves. There is not enough education about health and eating well.

Yesterday on the train a mother boarded with her daughter. The daughter was about 4 years old. The mother said to her child, “Don’t sit down because we are getting off at the next stop.” The next stop was 3 blocks away. What are we teaching our children? That is more convenient to pay $2 to wait 10 mins for a train to take us 3 blocks? What about physical activity?

I want to hug all these children that don’t have the opportunity to ride their bike in the road, to play dodge ball in the school yard, to walk to get ice cream, to pick peppers from the garden, to sit with their family and have a home cooked meal.

Lets start motivating each other to be healthier not skinnier!

Today my motivation is:



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