Frankly coffee, I don’t’ give a damn.

It was the only way I could do it. I needed to stare blankly into my coffee mug and push it away abruptly. I sighed and moaned then resigned to the fetal position on my bed for the rest of the night. My tear streaked face looked once again at those delicious brown java beans and said good bye. Until we meet again …

I’m pretty sure my addiction to coffee began in the womb. Going home always meant that dad would have a bubbling pot of joe on all day. It was such a beautiful relationship. It welcomed me every morning all warm and toasty, smelling delicious. It was always available and easily found. It never yelled, screamed, or told me I’m worthless. On the contrary it filled me with a warm sensation to get me started about my day. And afternoon. And sometimes night.

In the past if someone would so much have even looked at my coffee mug the wrong way I would have drop kicked them. The thought of someone taking it away, well that was just silly.

But, sigh, if I was going to get through 12 weeks of detox, coffee surely needed to go.

I joke but I did come to terms with giving up caffeine. I could give up coffee for a few weeks. Although in the past if I missed my coffee in the morning I was plagued with headaches and irritability. This time I didn’t know what to expect. When I woke up for my first caffeine free day, I felt ok. Surprisingly no headache and no moodiness. I think I wanted this change so bad, I was blessed with relief.

I was surprised there were no side effects from my withdrawl this time around. I suspect it may have something to do with the foods I was eating for the diet and of course the amount of water I was consuming. Btw, I have to drink half my body weight – in ounces – of water everyday. That is a lot! Something that helped considerably was drinking hot water with lemon. The first couple of days I drank it in the morning. By day 3 I no longer needed the hot beverage.

Have you tried giving up your caffeine addiction? If so, what methods have helped you?

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