10 rules for being an adult

Rules from childhood that we should continue to follow as an adult. Here are my 10 rules for being an adult. Adulting is hard sometimes.

  1. Always have chocolate chip cookies ready to bake in the freezer. I know this sounds funny but it’s true. There have been many night where I was convinced that a simple chocolate chip cookie could fix the world and sometimes it does even if for a moment. I don’t believe in deprivation, I believe in limits.
  2. Have your blankie handy. In 1996ish someone made me a blanket with a foot pocket. I have used that blanket nearly every day since.
  3. Play video games. Gaming can be a beautiful thing. It helps with focus, logic, and cognitive brain function.
  4. Sleep in. Not everyday of course but once and awhile. Sleeping late on a weekend feels indulgent and wonderful.
  5. Eat a fruit cup. As adults we are told to eat healthy almost everywhere we go. I found I am more likely to enjoy fruit if it is cut up and easy to eat.
  6. Watch cartoons. I recently watched the Pixar movie “Inside Out” and found that the lessons applied to people of any age.
  7. Play and run outside. We are in a digital age but reconnecting with nature is a beautiful thing.
  8. Always have play clothes on hand. Once and awhile, throw on the old jeans and get dirty.
  9. Find your sandbox. Always have a place to experiment, explore, and build. It doesn’t necessarily need to be sand.
  10. Sing loud. And often. Music soothes the soul.

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