My favorite summer things 2016

Key West with Gina and Phoebe

Boy am I late on this 🙂 Officially fall started on September 22nd but Winter does not officially start until December 21st so I’m in the “safe zone”. Better late than never right? As you may have read in my #EatPrayDrinkTour posts, this was an action packed summer. That doesn’t mean I didn’t have a chance to write down some of my new discoveries, things that helped make this summer so special! La Colombe Draft Latte. My love for coffee runs deep. I discovered Draft Latte’s at La Colombe some time ago but this summer I found the canned version […]

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My favorite spring things


Ah Spring! A time of renewal. The time of year when we peel away the layers and expose what’s underneath. We rush to the gym, obsessively clean, and breathe the fresh air until allergies take over. The past few months have been rainy. Perhaps symbolic of washing away the old and ringing in the new. Summer is right around the corner so before it is too late I wanted to share some of my favorite finds this spring!

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My favorite fall things

Bottle of Bomberger's Whiskey

This is my time of year! Having grown up in the Poconos, the cold air is in my blood. From mid-October to mid-January, I shine. I like the short days, the brisk air, and more importantly the lingering holiday spirit. I’m admittedly one of those “Christmas People”. Last year, the hubs tried to surprise me by getting our Christmas tree early. I smelled the pine as soon as I walked in the building. He can’t fool me when it comes to anything Christmas. I need to have a fresh tree every year and I always feel guilty about this because […]

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